As the internet becomes more and more integrated with peoples lives, archival becomes more and more necessary.

While projects like WayBackMachine are able to copy almost anything they see, they still lack the capabilities to grab comments and interactions as well as metadata. Even then with those projects they still cannot get everything out there. Some platforms lock down their content and make archival impossible without a login or API level access

Saliibot is meant to fill those gaps by providing post data in a human readable format.

API Reference

Currently Saliibot requires users to manually request API keys in order to use the interface on a writable scale. Read only usage is available without login or API verification.

API V2 Reference

The initial build of Saliibot was a web interface for the database and was expected to base much of its code off of the Clean Slate project.
It’s interface was very primitive without the current Saliibot branding that you see today.

The second build of Saliibot was the back end system that enabled it to record on its own. This was first implemented on Twitter.
At the time it needed to be directly connected to the actual Saliibot database and was unable to download images.

Version 1.0

Version 2.0

MOTD (Message of the day) was introduced in this version and a more underground themed language was adopted.

Version 3.0

Social Media icons were introduced as platforms were added and the black background was replaced with a bubbly one.

Version 4.0

Back end services were upgraded to be able to take advantage of containers and uploads were able to be introduced. The social media icons were removed due to the social media war that started to occur.

The front end was updated to be a more basic layout and to include the trans flag to show solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community.

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