808 Software Development Group Licensing

We require licensing for our hosted services and applications due to the upkeep involved in keeping those services online and available to the public. The networking services and power required to keep these services up are not cheap. While we strive to be open for everyone, it will not be able to make all services free.

The following terms are used for our products. If you are being directed to this page, please look at the license states below.

Expired License

If you are seeing an 808 License expired message on your product, this is because your system administrator has not paid their licensing fee, and the service you are using will no longer be fully functional until the license has been renewed.

Revoked License

808 reserves the right to retract licenses at any time. If a product has been misused or is being used against 808 guidelines, 808 will immediately revoke the license for it. Once the license is retracted, it will not be given back under any circumstances.

Restricted License

Restricted licenses are either used for demo services or tiered services. If you are receiving an error stating that you have a restricted license, please contact your administrator and request the feature be unlocked by them.

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