Product Yellow

What’s the color that’s the opposite of blue and resembles the color of pee? You got it – the color yellow, baby! As long as you’re staying hydrated, that is. Now, why are we talking about bodily fluids when we’re supposed to be promoting something? Good question! Because just like our ancestors, we all feel the urge to mark our territory – except in this day and age, we’re doing it with our online presence.

In 2022, some rich asshole decided to take a piss on the internet by buying up Twitter. And instead of making it better, they turned it into a shithole that makes a pig pen look like a spa. They promoted all these absolute losers (no offense to actual losers) who forked over their hard-earned cash just to get a damn checkmark next to their name. It was like the Wild West, but with more bullshit and fewer actual cowboys, cowgirls, and cowpersons.

We weren’t gonna take that lying down. So we decided to fight back. And we did it by creating something new.

Introducing Product Yellow – the badass browser plugin that cleans up your personal pile of shit by getting rid of the flies. It’s your pile of shit, don’t let a divorced billionaire step in it. No more piss, no more nonsense. Just the cancerous content you actually care about. ☺️

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