808 Developments Logo Usage Guidelines

Our Branding

Like all brands, </808/> wants to be remembered and thought of in a way that represents us well. One way we try to ensure our group is able to be
remembered and noticed is by our logo and group name.

Our Trademark

The psuedo-HTML tag </808/> uses is understandably not able to be used with all HTML based platforms. In the case that it is not feasible to be integrated, the usage of “808-SDG”, “808SDG” or “808 Software Development Group” may be used.

Our Logo

Our logo is a ribbon with a cut out of “808” wrapping around an orb. Seems pretty easy to imagine. Our logo is also pretty easy to work with as well. We enjoy some of the unconventional ways people do things, and want to appeal to people who are more into that sorta thing.

While we are okay with unconventional usage of </808/>’s logo, we will not tolerate bad faith usage which can harm our brand or others.

Example of bad faith usage of the 808 SDG Logo

Internet jokes and shitposting are perfectly fine with our team and we don’t mind if you use our logo in that way as long as you use it creatively.

But, while a bit of edginess is alright, we will not endorse nor will we allow our logo to be used in events that hint at or make reference to awful events of any kind. (You know what we mean.)

Proper usage is completely out the window since half the time most logos can’t be used properly in order to be able to match your design scheme. As long as you make a good faith effort into integrating our logo into what you are doing, we are okay with whatever way you feel is best to integrate our logo.

Indie Developers

Geocities, Neocities and other city users are able to use our branding on their sites by adding our banner to their list of banners as long as they are used in good faith.

Anyway, without further ado… just save these images, and you’ll be good…

Geocities/Neocities Mini-banner

Standard </808/> Image

</808/> Text Only Image

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