If you have a computer repair shop and have trouble keeping track of orders, costs, and customers Sparro may be able to help! Most large companies have ticketing systems already, but smaller ones are usually either forced to pay hundreds of dollars to have the ability to keep records. Sparro is built from the ground up so that companies big or small only have to pay a small starting fee and a smaller billing fee.

Keeping in touch

Humans are well… Human, so of course it’s impossible to get everything perfect all the time. Instead of requiring wasting technicians and customers time by requiring them to contact the customer themselves Sparro, automatically sends a text when a ticket is updated. It also allows the user to read what is going on with their ticket in real-time by sending a URL with their ticket information attached.

Keeping it affordable

Nobody can say with a straight face that they like having to pay bills. Especially when those bills are half of their paycheck. This is why Sparro only costs $30 every couple months no matter how many people you have or how many orders you do.

Keeping it simple

Since its original inception Sparro, has been looking to make it’s interface easy to use while still being able to pack a lot of power behind it. Sparro goes through checks each time a new UI element is added to make sure that anyone can use it without an issue.

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